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    It's a Spring Thing!

  • It's the season of colour, bright, gardening and getting out & about.
  • Decorate up a storm, add a cute critter to your day....
    • Twisty Berries

      A twisty natural wreath lush with berries and Christmas reds.

    • Gumnut Angels

      A natural wreath decorated with gumnuts, berries & beautiful traditional angel ribbon.

    • Tartan Ivy

      Traditional ivy & tartan – what’s not to love!

    • Wattle Wreath

      A delicate and pretty Australiana themed wreath with the colours of a winter in the bush.

    • Vintage Cardboard Cutout

      Beautiful vintage styles from old European designs, these heavyweight cardboard cutouts make a statement on your traditional tree.

    • Fatty Santa

      SUPER cute… fatty Santa is light, chubby and just plain fun.

    • Christmas Stickers

      Bake up a storm…. wrap in cello… apply sticker… voila!!

    • As light as snow

      Fluttering in the breeze, light and pretty…

    • Icicle Tree

      For want of a better description… icicle trees are like a Christmas tree… covered in sparkly silver icicle heaviness!

    • Teal Snowflakes

      These are just the right colour – a cross between teal and a deep ocean blue… and full of sparkle to boot!

    • Kapows!

      It’s a blast of sparkle!!

    • Grandi’s Santas

      More Christmas trees should be adorned in handmade heirlooms, and these Santas are going to be just that.

    • Acorn Love

      There can’t be many people who don’t love acorns… and we’ve made these fuzzy lovelies into the cutest fattest squishiest beauties there are.

    • Pink Longtail

      Sparkly pinks and purples, with a long lovely tail to look fab on your Christmas tree.

    • Red Longtail

      Sparkly, with a long lovely tail, this beautiful longtail will look fab on your Christmas tree, or just adorning your decor.

    • Faux Feather

      This a gorgeous silver decoration with class and sparkle. Mixed up with a tree full of whites, greys and real feather’s and acorns, a much talked about tree would be made….

    • Inquisitive Squirrel

      Many many years we’ve searched in vain for a SUPER cute squirrel decoration – and here he is!!! SOOOOO cutey!!

    • 3D Paper Snowflake

      These snowflakes go with our 3D Trees, that are so very popular for sending with a Christmas Card.

    • 3D Paper Tree

      These beautiful laser-cut trees are made from a tough paper/card that comes flat, then folds out to the most beautiful light decoration. Not only that, it comes with 4 of it’s own mini decorations that hang from hooks on the tree!

    • Red Berry Wreath

      Red berries are a Christmas classic and these deep red/burgundy tones make a beautiful wreath.